Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Melbourne fans were so happy they got naked in front of us while dancing to our set.

They also bought shirts, took them home and kept dancing to other weird music...




Samuel here.

Welcome to our new blog!

We are in the middle of the biggest Australian tour we have ever done with our psych budddies Wolf n Cub, it lasts over 5 weeks and we are nearly half way through.

On this tour we are selling CD's for $2, these limited edition items are the equilviant to a kind of "No Money" single and feature two demos that were recorded in the later stages of writing oozevoodoo. We also have Scare shirts, there should be a link in the next week to buy them online.

The photos under this post are taken on the victorian leg, highlights involved getting bogged by brock early on, having a crash in lovely W BOWL, a patron getting glassed in geelong, kids rushing the stage in melbourne, Stevy/Fur-Carrrse our tour manager/sound guy drinking 20 VB tinnies, Leeham and I spending 4 hours in The Brunswick Club having a punt with the locals and Kiss walking off after 2 songs in the W BOWL after a 15 hour drive to get there.

The shows have been fucking great though and the opening band Pets with Pets were refreshing, kinda like Suicide meets CAN meets a couple of Collingwood kids on special K. They have a 7" out so try and grab one.

In other Scare news, we have a new single out in early july to radio in Australia, it is called "Could Be Bad", We will also have a video done by our friend Mr Tom Noakes that we are shooting this week.

We have just finalized the "oozevoodoo" cover art which has been constructed by Mr JACK Ladder, i will upload it on here later in the week.

Our video is up on NME.COM for NO MONEY, so head over and watch it!

We are also looking for a band to take on the road for our Australian record tour, so if anyone has any suggestions please let us know!

We leave for Coffs Harbour tomorrow in our disgusting big ugly van,

See you on the other side

Samuel and The Scare

On The Road Again...