Monday, July 13, 2009

Western Australia! The final leg of our tour with Wolf and Cub


  1. explain the freakin pics. Especially what the fucks going in in that last one.

  2. actually explain the awesomeness of the deep fried seafood stack. I'm hungry and in need of a potato cake now.

  3. the last picture is an asian film viewed in perth.

    the seafood stick was a picture that was taken of liam, wade and my choice of meal in margaret river.

    the photo of kiss was a beach accident after a few little drinkies at little creatures brewery on a lovely freo afternoon.

    the photo of the rusty trolley is our new tour bus.


    the photo of stevy is a a photo of stevy our tour manager.

    the rest is just what it is!


  4. Also the picture stated above as being taken from an asian film viewed in Perth is actually not that. It is in fact a screen shot from the video clip to Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game'.

  5. Also not yet explained is the picture of Kiss Reid, literally under his new pseudonym 'Rydakyul' (its a West Coast Hip Hop thing, you probably wouldn't understand).

    The one that looks like The Scare in a an airport is actually The Scare and KFH in Perth airport waiting around for a tour bus that somehow was never booked.

    A picture of Wade in a very small piece of Wolf and Cub merchandise.

    And finally in black and white is a picture of sam exiting a church in Margaret river.
    NB. neither Sam nor any other member of The Scare is a regular church goer, hence the by-chance occurrence of his legs blocking out the first four letters of the word 'welcome' to almost spell the word 'omen'.