Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The Scare are on Big Day Out 2010.

THE SCARE and BIG DAY OUT are of a like mind: party hard, but tour even harder. The livewire Queensland rockers – who’ve also put in the hard yards sleeping on couches and supporting big-name acts back in the mother country – made the nation stand up (or should that be take-a-step-back?) and listen with their second album Oozevoodoo. A visceral, cathartic blast of gritty, sleazy, groove-filled rock, it’s “edgy, clever, succinct and all above all else fun” (FasterLouder). Blessed with a frontman, Kiss Reid, who oozes as much sex appeal as he does voodoo, THE SCARE may well rock your pants off at BIG DAY OUT 2010. (EAST COAST)

We are fucking excited,

We have HOMEBAKE, FALLS AND BDO over summer in Australia.

I will post a new blog tonight about the tour and pool comp we are currently on,
it has been fucking fun.


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