Sunday, November 15, 2009


SO here we are, about to begin week 4 of our oozevoodoo tour.

Firstly, i would like to say thankyou to all the people that have come out to the shows, we all really feel this is a really special tour. From having a FANTASTIC support acts such as JACK LADDER/CABINS and KIRIN J CALLINAN and to being able to play all the songs off the Oozevoodoo record, it has been fucking really fun and cannot wait for the QLD and WA dates .

Liam is going to post a load of photos soon, we have just added a bunch of tour dates in December, where we are going to the south coast of NSW and rural victoria,
check for more details!

We are planning our next video with Mr Tom Noakes for our "She Can't Say No" single, the "Could Be Bad" video got nominated for a J AWARD this week, so congratulations Tom and the crew for this

We also had our LIVE AT THE WIRELESS from the TRIPLE J show with did with WOLF AND CUB in adelaide a few months ago. It featured COULD BE BAD, NO MONEY, SHE CAN'T SAY NO and CRY. It was a wild show and I hope it sounded like that. check the TRIPLE J website to hear this.

We have been interviewed by video hits, which aired last week! When it is up on the website i will post it! Fuzzy was lovely and our parents loved it!

All of us, cannot wait for HOMEBAKE, FALLS AND BIG DAY OUT. how exciting!! hope you bought tickets in time!

For more reliable updates, please follow us on twitter. We are really good at that.

Thanks and stay tuned for some photos and more information about upcoming events!

sam and the scare.


qld and w.a, we are coming for you.

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