Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Thank you to everyone who came to watch us at the BIG DAY OUT,
it was the best January of my life that i don't remember.

We are appealing to all our fans, friends and enemies worldwide to please send us any photos or videos you have of us from the last 6 months of our touring schedule.
Don't forget that we've toured the country nationally 4 times since last july, with wolf and cub, children collide, then our own headlining OOZEVOODOO tour with jack ladder and cabins in support and then of course with the BIG DAY OUT. So get what you have and chuck it in a file and throw it at me.

And i'm not talking specifically live material, i mean everything.
so if you have any footage of kiss passed out, somebody throwing up, interviews, hang outs, poetry, kissing, touching, laughing, crying, dancing, anything and everything will go to good use.
Please forward anything you have to

We are currently putting together a series of tour diary videos for the big day out tour so please watch here and our blog for those masterpieces of debauchery. Wish us luck at the oscars. (THE FIRST TWO WILL GO UP BY THE END OF THE DAY)

Thank you and goodnight.

Wade and THESCARE.


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  1. Got a pile of photos on my blog here:

    Feel free to use as you see fit - but put my name on the door next time you're in perth...